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OCT '01–MAR ’03 - Huntington Residence
+5,400 sf
Parkland, FL

New 2-story home with attached garage, Master Suite, two bedrooms plus live-in or mother-in-law suite. Home acts as a backdrop for the clients eclectic collection of furniture and artifacts from their travels.

DEC '03 - JULY '06 - Kienzle Residence
+3,730 sf
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Addition bringing a master suite, family room, updated kitchen plus exterior amenities to accomodate the Owner's love and care in training of dogs for Canine Companions and their future companions. The Owner's desire to maintain the small scale charm of the home and neighborhood was enhanced by the addition to the front porch wrapping around to the side. The rear patio - pool space adds to the lush feel of the property nestled in the growth of palms giving the desired "Key West" charm to the finished product.

MAY '03 - Present - Schmatz Residence
+4,506 sf
Fort Lauderdale, FL

The creation of a garage lost to a previous addition was the impetus to the transformation of this home. The Owner's desire to entertain while also maintaining space for family coming home to visit started the conversation. An 1980's addition had already created the 2nd floor master bedroom suite as well as the rear patio and pool. Adding the garage and capturing the outdoor tropical use to the front yard with a side dining space and fountain as well as, bar patio space helped further the final product. This home won a city of Fort Lauderdale CAB award in spring '06. Some interior elements are now being taken care of which will continue complete" product.

MAY '05 - DEC '06 - Hartmann Residence
+3,178 sf
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Addition of approximately 1100 square feet to this home with detached garage building on a corner lot. The neighborhood is laced with a collection of Mediterranean Revival Homes modest in stature on lovely sized lots. The Owner's program introduced Eastern philosophical principals for spatial guidance along with a collection of "gathered" parts, eclectic in nature, to be inserted into a modern "farmhouse" of sorts. The resultant building will require growth of the landscape to cultivate the exterior vistas of desired effect, carves a definitive public versus private spatial variety creating interesting vingnettes along the path.

JULY '09 - Present - Gordon Townhouse
+ 600 sf
Aventura, Florida

Interior renovation and reorganization of a Master Bathroom suite in the couple's townhouse in Aventura. Purchased as a winter getaway from the cold north climate, the couple originally repainted and did some minor upgrading of finishes on the townhouse throughout and lived with it for a few years. This project encompassed their desire to create a more streamlined and clean rework of the master bath suite of the original builder's plan to bring it more in line with their own modernist aesthetic. Maintenance of some key structural confines helped the budget and made better use of square footage for their needs. Design of cabinetry and interior finishes throughout the space was key to making it work. On site project management of work by local craftsmen also helped keep things moving toward a successful cohesive whole.