Listen to the dream.......
        ...a simple idea
        ...a series of visions
        ...aspirations and hopes for and about the future
Understand the reality......
        ...existing, new or both
Craft a solution....
       ....collaborate to transform each Client's unique dream
           respectful of their priorities to achieve the future goal 

Each and every one of us is at our very core, a "collection".....a collection of experiences, memories and visions
that along with our physical bodies and material possessions need a "place"...a base to reside, rest and recharge.
This base may start out as a simple construct, able to both contain our material possessions and our "collection"
in a safe secure environment. As we adapt, we invite others to share collections thus growing, enlarging and enriching our collections blurring the confines of the base to a point of confusion and imbalance requiring the need to refine the construct of the base and once again make it a "place" for us to once again reside, rest, recharge, grow and further......dream.

Architecture is defined as: 1. the art and science of designing and building structures, or large groups of structures, in keeping with aesthetic and functional criteria. 2. Structures built in accordance with such principles. (Cyril M. Harris, Dictionary of Architecture and Construction, McGraw-Hill) The practice of architecture is the repeated performance of this art and science in order to acquire a skill.

We at pinktent architecture, see our role as architect as a resource to facilitate order out of confusion and imbalance.

We at pinktent architecture, take seriously our client's need for us to listen with great care about their dream. It may be a simple idea or a series of visions or a list of aspirations and hopes that in the future will make their lives more enriched. We collaborate with our clients to work toward the dream.

We at pinktent architecture, also take great care in understanding and explaining the reality surrounding the project: from budget to time and context. The action of building is exciting at the outset and should be a rewarding experience for everyone involved throughout the process.

We at pinktent architecture, also understand that how something is made is critical to the transformation of the dream concept into reality. We collaborate with our consultants and clients to craft a solution that will bring the unique dream to life within the parameters set by the Client.