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APRIL '10 - SEPT '10 - Gordon Residence dining table
Winnetka, Illinois

A quick trip to help refinish some spaces in the Illinois home incorporated the need for a dining table in a very spacious modern dining room recently vacated by a very traditional family heirloom given to one of the children. The Clients are collectors of art and antiques and this modern shell was needing a table and 4 chairs to complete the melding of two pieces of wall art as well as 4 Dakota Jackson red leather chairs plus a 100 year old antique kilm with its own strong geometric weave encompassing cream, black, red, orange and brown. Over the course of two days of looking for the additional seating and tables at the design mart, one late night sketch by the architect captured what eventually was built by the local Chicago artisan / craftsman.

MAY '08 - present - Schmatz Residence
+/- 1,000 sf
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Owners were ready to upgrade the furnishings and finishes of the interior of the living areas of the home. Through travel the Clients had found materials they desired to use in previous spaces we created a few years prior. The spaces finished were Living Room, Dining Room, a former bedroom into a Wet Bar and a Media Room in the storage space (former carport originally). Working with a specific budget in mind necessitated flexibility in sources where good products can be acquired without having to spend the entire budget on one piece. Also, it allowed the ability to acquire the specific piece that was more costly but that "made" the look work. Design of specific pieces to be made by local craftsmen was key to getting all the storage and functions in the spaces also required project management and an ability to talk to and understand the needs of the craftsmen so that their needs were also met.

The individual components are as follows:

Living Room - the fireplace wall was reappointed with stacked slate and a glass mantle with accompanying nich with glass shelves for display of collected items. Note the mantle and seat aside the fireplace hearth are in a soft curvilinear shape.

Bar - the needs of storage for liquor, wine and beer are foremost in any working bar. The ability of seating people comfortably while
working at the bar and entertaining at the same time could not happen by accident. While this room was a comfortable bedroom size, the bar itself needed to be customized to fit. Note also the customized wine barrel and chair (a childhood holdover from the client's Mom's house) to work when needed. Also note all the glass ware needed a place to go as be on display to the friends that had brought it into the home.

Dining Storage cabinet - the ability to store numerous items such as linens, glassware and silver as well as family heirlooms were priority as well as the ability to serve off the piece for buffet functions.

Media Room - the love of movies and music and the ability to share the experience with friends and family fed the program of the space while the square footage dictated the confines. Streamlining the location and access to the equipment while stopping exterior noise and light from interfering also played a role. Note the cabinetry has complete pull out shelves to house equipment, storage for blankets, ottomans and movies. The seating includes staged upper area for clear view by all. The room can be closed off by a customized pivot hinged door hand painted by the architect in embellishments of the clients favorite movie posters. Note also another one of the chairs
from the client's childhood customized to work as an "extra" for this space if needed.