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APR ’04-Present - Fort Lauderdale Woman’s Club
+/- 3500 sf
Southeast corner Andrews Avenue + Broward Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Rehabilitation and Restoration of Fort Lauderdale's Historic Landmark Building for continued use as a clubhouse meeting space. Originally founded as the Women's Civic Improvement Association in January 1911 for the purpose of improving the lives of citizens within the new community of Fort Lauderdale (incorporated in April 1911). The group later changed its name to the present FLWC and
built a 1,200 sq. foot Mediterranean Revival building by famous Dade County Architect August Geiger in 1916-17 on land donated by Fort Lauderdale founding father Frank Stranahan (wife, Ivy Stranahan, was an active member) at this location. In 1949 an addition drastically altered the building changing its main entry from the West to the South doubling its square footage for the then very active club of 400+ members. As with many volunteer member civic organizations, membership rises and falls over its lifetime mirroring many factors such as: the economy, women being added to the workforce, and value of volunteerism in the local citizen psyche. Early in 2004 the Club sought and received from the City of Fort Lauderdale, local historic designation of the building and property. The club continues (as it has since 1917) to hold its monthly meetings in the building and offers it for rent to private organizations and individuals for parties and meetings to offset the building's upkeep while allowing the group to continue its purpose of "civic improvement". This project has been multifaceted in its need for visual references that provide thought provoking understanding of the real need of volunteer organizations to find funding in the community locally as well as from the state.

A brief synopsis of services provided are as follows:

2004-present - Develop artwork for use in creating interest in the project locally as well as with the County and State Historic Preservation programs for grants. Represent the Project at Grant hearings locally and statewide.

2006, 2008 to present - Continue to develop marketable artwork that can help develop stewardship in the project at a local level.

2006-present - Provide Architectural Services for the implementation of elements funded through Grants and Local Private Donations such as:

New HVAC system - new 12-ton system added replacing old 5-ton system

New Roof - Rehabilitated roof bringing back the original look of the 1917 roof of barrel tile while meeting the new hurricane requirements

Rehabilitate Electric - replace the original glass fuse box with new circuit panel with new wiring.

Add Fire Alarm System - smoke detection monitoring system added

Restoration of Original Fireplace Mantle - removal of stage added in 40's to discover the original hearth in place. Research of Dade County Geiger buildings still standing gave insight into detailing of restored non-operable fireplace.

Replacement of Jalousie windows - Some time long after the '49 addition (in the late 50's+/-) jalousie windows replaced the original single hung windows that were throughout the original and addition. One set was replaced with a set of Impact Rated Single Hung (double hung) in the Board Room through a grant provided by the County Historic Preservation Commission.

Documentation of Overall Architectural Services Phases of Building Plans - Provided complete set of documents showing additions, demolitions and future work to be done on overall project for County Historic Commission as well as represent project at City Historic Preservation Board for its future proposed work in seeking Certificates of Appropriateness for future work.

Restoration of Original Entrance Porch (Andrews Avenue) and its doors and windows as well as West facing windows as well as one North facing window pair.

This project will also restore the original parapet removed in the 1949 addition to the original building. This project is being done in anticipation of the upcoming Centennial of both the Fort Lauderdale Woman's Club (January 2011) and City of Fort Lauderdale (April 2011) respectively. The FLWC hopes to reintroduce its former Andrews Avenue address which symbolically reawakens the local need
and viability of "Volunteerism" for the next 100 years in the community.



MAY '07–Present - Survey of the T-Buildings on the Campus of FAU
4- buildings in Boca Raton for Florida Atlantic University and the Boca Raton Army Air Field Preservation Society.

Phased Survey of the Buildings for use by FAU and the BRAAF in applying for grants towards their restoration and rehabilitation using the Secretary of the Interior's National Standards for the Restoration, Rehabilitation and Preservation of Historic Buildings. The survey looked at the condition of the buildings and their separate parts, specifically windows and doors, at the exterior "skin" conditions and a future schematic plan for use of the buildings and their shared environment within the campus.